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Hi. I am a dude. I like KPop, I like pictures, and I love T-ara. Sup?

While some of what I upload is "sourced" directly from me (most gifs, everything from the android app, some scans, etc.), I don't claim ownership of anything in this gallery, nor do I require or ask that you credit me for anything here, unless for some reason you want to. Sharing is caring, so just spread the love :P.

I try to credit wherever I can, assuming I know the original source. Everything is here for convenience, as this is just me sharing my collection with you. All proper credits (if known) are in the picture descriptions. Please take everything out with proper credit--not to me, but to the site/person in the description.

Also, please do try to follow the rules set by the Korean fansites. Don't crop/modify the photos with watermarked tags, and don't edit out the tags.
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